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  We offer honest and reliable auto repair, and we like to think we do it right. But...... don't just take our word for it.


Whether it's our quick, quality friendly service or the honesty and value we bring to every interaction,
our customers love us.

   We're famous for:

  • Timely, quality repairs
  • Friendly service
  • Honest diagnosis
  • Fair prices
  • Economical solutions

   Our Customers give us rave reviews :                             
Overall Service....................A+
                                                                                                        Price ...................................A+
                                                                                                        Quality ................................A+
                                                                                                        Responsiveness................. A+
                                                                                                        Professionalism ..................A+

I've been using this shop for all of my family cars for years now, and I recommend them highly.  Gary and his team are excellent mechanics, who charge a fair price, and just as importantly, they are honest. The first time I went there, I was bringing my car in because my brakes were squealing, and I thought I would need new pads. Gary told me it was just brake dust in there, and he cleaned them out and charged me ten bucks. A less scrupulous mechanic would have put new brakes in and charged me a lot more for something I didn't need.
They are also very good at diagnosing the more "mysterious" problems with cars that would probably stump other mechanics.
I won't take my car anywhere else.           
                                                                    Kevin F.  7/30/2013  

 I have been a client of Yorktown Auto Tech for years. Gary and his team are, in my opinion simply the best and I wouldn't consider taking my car anywhere else! I just retired my 2002 Tahoe with 349,632 miles and I credit it's longevi to the care and maintainance of Gary and his crew! I have recommended Yorktown Auto Tech to my friends, and they have all been and remain very happy customers!  If you're reading this and you're not a client yet, I have only one question "Why not?" Go ahead, give them a try - you won't be disappointed!

                                                                      Kathy Z   
I have been dealing with Gary and his crew at Yorktown Auto Tech for years. They are responsible and informative and I always feel like I get quality work for what I m charged. Most times he's able to keep me out of the dealership and away from those crazy dealer charges. I m happy to take my repair business here whenever I need to.                                      Nicholas D. 

We recently brought our aging car to Yorktown Auto Tech with a long list of items for Gary to look at. After checking the car out, he told us that everything looked fine. He could easily have told us that we needed a ton of work and we would have not known better. Our whole family has been bringing our cars to Gary for many years. He always has them ready when he says he will and is a pleasure to deal with. We are very happy to have an auto repair shop that we can trust ! 
                                                     June M.     

"Always does a great job, and delivers on promises"
Ronnie C.  

Gary always does a great job. He stands behind his work, his prices are very reasonable and we have always received same day service.
                                                                     Karen M.  

I had them do an Oil Change & brakes. They were very helpful & knowledgeable.
 I have another appt. with them soon.
                                                                    Ivan C.  (Angie's List )
Yorktown Auto Tech did the New York State inspection. They also serviced the vehicle, put in new platinum plugs, replaced the plug wires, and did a tune-up. I have 198,000 miles on the vehicle.

The New York State inspection has a state set fee so it's the same no matter where you have it done. The labor was a little less than half the cost and the rest of it was parts. I am using them because they have a lot of integrity. They are very honest. When I take the car there, I don't have a problem if they tell me they don't think it needs a repair or they don't know what is going on or something else has happened. When he knows what is wrong and he tells me what's wrong, he tells me what the prices are. Over the few years I have been using him, I have had substantial work. I don't particularly like buying cars. When I buy a car, I drive it till it's dead. I have got 198,000 on one and 170,000 on the other and they are still going strong. I service my cars. I change the oil regularly and rotate the tires when needed. If I hear something in the vehicle that doesn't sound right, I take it in and get it checked out and if it is something that needs fixing, I get it fixed. I switched to them because I felt like I needed to find somebody who was closer to home. New York State has this certification program where they certify you as a mechanic and they certify you as an emission control station and Yorktown have both of those certifications. They are a certified emission inspection and repair station and a certified mechanic. If you don't have the registration or certification, you can obviously fix cars and work on them. They have strict emission laws here in New York. I started using them because I had an emission problem with one of my vehicles. Some people told me how to fix it that weren't registered or certified and what they said was wrong. I took the vehicle to Yorktown. He inspected it, he put all his tools on the instruments, and he printed out printouts from his diagnostics tools. He told me exactly what was wrong and told me exactly what it would take to fix it and he did it. When he was done, I didn't have any more problems and no more lights were coming on. It's more than one guy. It's a small business and there are multiple mechanics. I found them to be very professional. You have to make an appointment to take your car there. They stand behind their work. We have been very happy with their work. I know that there are places you can go and get the mechanic work done less than they charge. Their hourly rate is not exorbitant. What I have discovered over the years is that when you getting a mechanic, finding the cheapest one is not the best solution. You have to make an appointment for your car. They are not a drive-up shop. You can call them up and you can discuss what needs to get done. One of my cars had to have a complex repair done within the last year and it was going to take him multiple days and we set up a time frame. I think I had to have a head gasket replaced on our Nissan and that is not a simple thing. He told me that if things worked out and he could get it in earlier, he would call me. We got it in, it took what he said, I got it back, and it was fixed. I have never had a problem with them saying one thing and it turning out to be something else. When you go in there if they take something of your car that's broken, they have always shown me what they took off or what the issues were. I always drop my car off the night before I have a scheduled appointment. I like it because if you get it there then, they give you an order and it's first come first serve. I drop it off the night before and I always have it back before lunch. That's great for short stuff. For something that's going to take several days, it takes what they say it's going to take. I continue to use them.
                                                                  Helen Gurney    (Angie's List )

Gary has worked on my colt & has always done a good job. He is honest.
                                                                    Bob C.
We moved out of NYS and one of the significant things we miss about NY is Gary at Yorktown Auto Tech. One example of his skills and honesty-after receiving the same diagnosis and quote from a Honda dealer. Gary was able to find the REAL problem, repair it and save me over $800. His work was so convincing that I was able to obtain a refund from the dealer for the misdiagnosis fee($90).
If we had the time to drive 300 miles to his shop to get our cars worked on , we would.
                                                                   Carol M.
I have been satisfied with the service from Yorktown Auto Tech. The work is always to expectation and if the parts were replaced, Gary always asked if I wanted to see (have) the old parts. He also was quick to give options like the benefit of OEM/non-OEM parts.
                                                                   Mark A.
After going only going to the local Honda dealer for years, I tried Yorktown Auto Tech, On the strength of reviews. Gary more than met my expectations. In the case of one complicated repair, I went to a dealer for a second opinion, and it was  just as Gary explained to me. The dealer quoted that an entire assembly needed to be replaced, where as Gary was able to take  it apart  and replace just the broken part. My wife and I both, now take our cars to Yorktown Auto Tech.
                                                                Mark S  
Yorktown Auto Tech is the best repair shop in Yorktown. We have used them for years. They are very reliable & honest. They try and give you the best repair for the least amount of money. At times I've brought the car in for repairs, only to be told they weren't needed. Gary and his team always explain what the repair involves and whether it's really needed or not. If you want a reliable honest repair shop. USE THIS ONE !
                                                                Anne D.
We have had some maintenance work on our vehicles along with some involved repairs made by Yorktown Auto Tech over the past years. We find Gary and his staff to be professional and up front with their diagnosis findings and recommended repair procedures. We would recommend this facility highly, based on our experiences.
                                                                John C. 
Honest, Reliable, very competent, has told me on numerous occasions my car was not worth fixing. Rather than take my money. They repaired my old cars very well when they needed it. Now I bring all my cars to them- I own four. Very strong loyal following in Yorktown.
  Joe P.

This is a great repair shop. The are very helpful in all types of repairs. They keep you informed in what they are doing, and let you know if you really need the work done or not. Allot of people use the dealerships which are real rip offs. this shop does its best to help you out.
                                                               Linda M. 
 After going only to the local Honda dealer for years, I tried Yorktown Autotech, on the strength of the reviews here. Gary more than met my expectations. In the case of one complicated repair, I went to the dealer to get a second opinion, and it was just as Gary had explained to me. The dealer also quoted that an entire assembly would need to be replaced, whereas Gary was able to take it apart and replace just the broken part. My wife and I both now take our cars (Honda Accord and Toyota Sienna) to Autotech.
                                                                Paul M. 

 He helped me with my car and gave me great prices!!!!!!!!! I hope he does well in the future and definitely recommend him to all who are in need for service.                               Nicky D.
My Wife and I have been bringing our cars to Auto Tech for 5 or 6 yrs. now, and have never had any regrets. I wish  we had known about this Yorktown treasure when we first moved to town. Try Yorktown Auto Tech once, and you'll never bring your car anywhere else .
                                             Charlie M  11/13/2015

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